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With over 15 years in the entertainment industry, Ingram Management Agency (IMA) excels in nurturing diverse talents, from actors and models to social media influencers and professional dog trainers. Specializing in launching successful careers and providing expert guidance, IMA stands out in television, film, and animal actor training, particularly in professionally trained dogs. Our comprehensive services include casting ideal talents for a variety of projects, elevating each with our unique blend of traditional expertise and innovative Bitcoin promotional ventures. Committed to enhancing the entertainment industry, IMA seamlessly integrates classic talent management with modern digital trends.

Star Paws Spotlight

Welcome to Star Paws at IMA Talent Management! Here, our Animal Actors shine, bringing unmatched charm and skill to every screen appearance. These four-legged stars are not just pets; they are the heart of our storytelling

Our Canine Cast

Discover our professional canine cast, each trained for memorable performances in film and TV. From dramatic scenes to action-packed sequences, they captivate and inspire audiences with their unique talents.

The Art of Animal Acting

Experience the magic of Animal Acting. Every wag tells a story, every jump ignites excitement, and every gaze captures emotion. Join us in celebrating the cinematic brilliance of our talented Animal Actors.

Purebred Belgian Malinois Dog

Featured Animal Actor: Maverick

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Age: 2 Years Old

Specialties: Obedience, Protection, Bite Work, Agility


Maverick is a highly skilled and energetic Belgian Malinois with a diverse range of talents. Trained professionally, he excels in obedience, showcasing remarkable discipline and responsiveness. His protection skills are top-notch, making him ideal for intense and dynamic scenes. Maverick's bite work is precise and controlled, demonstrating his ability to perform complex actions safely and effectively. In agility, he outshines, displaying incredible speed, flexibility, and grace, perfect for high-energy sequences.

Training Highlights:

  • Completed advanced obedience training with distinction.
  • Excelled in protection training, demonstrating remarkable alertness and responsiveness.
  • Mastered bite work, balancing intensity with control for safe and realistic portrayals.
  • Shone in agility courses, showcasing swift, nimble movements and excellent coordination.


  • Featured in various television shows requiring complex action sequences.
  • Participated in short films, displaying versatility in both dramatic and action roles.
  • Engaged in live demonstrations, highlighting his training and skills to wide audiences.

Maverick is not only a talented performer but also a reliable and intelligent actor, capable of following intricate commands and adapting to diverse filming environments. He brings enthusiasm and professionalism to every set, making him a valuable asset to any production.

Two Belgian Malinois shepherd dogs
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When you book one of our animal actors, you're not just adding a pet to your project; you're infusing your production with unmatched talent, emotion, and heart. Our animal stars are trained to not only perform but to captivate, bringing each scene to life with their unique flair. Let them transform your vision into an unforgettable experience, where every performance is a journey of wonder and delight. With our animal actors, your project will not just be watched, it will be felt and remembered.

Hampton, VA

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Behind the Scenes of Movie Shooting or Video Production

As a visionary leader in the world of Bitcoin entertainment, IMA is proud to produce an array of innovative and captivating programs that raise awareness about Bitcoin and its potential. Our flagship productions include the exhilarating Bitcoin Bootcamp Beauties Series, educational, fun and thrilling Bitcoin Game Shows, the glamorous Beauty & Bitcoin Pageant, and a variety of other Bitcoin-centric entertainment programs that captivate audiences worldwide.

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At IMA, we believe in the power of Bitcoin to revolutionize the world financial landscape. Our mission is to create compelling and engaging content that educates, inspires, and entertains people from all walks of life. By merging the world of entertainment and Bitcoin, we aim to empower our talents and audiences alike to embrace the future of finance.

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Bitcoin Bootcamp


Empower Yourself, Embrace the Bitcoin Revolution, and Become a Bitcoin Brand Ambassador and Reality TV Show Superstar!

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Are you a bold, intelligent woman with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a passion for Bitcoin, and the desire to shine as a fashion and promotions model, actress, and brand ambassador? The Bitcoin Bootcamp Beauties is here to transform you into the Bitcoin queen and global superstar you were destined to be!

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In Season One of Bitcoin Bootcamp Beauties, 10 dazzling and talented ladies embark on a life-changing journey to become official Bitcoin Brand Ambassadors.

Over the course of a thrilling 14-day challenge, these ambitious women will push themselves to the limit, hone their skills, and learn the intricacies of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Their ultimate goal: to inspire and educate the world, one Bitcoiner at a time.

Reality TV Show

Online Video Conference Call

Bitcoin Education | Testing & Evaluation

Work hard Play Hard

14 Day challenge all captured on camera

Multi-Ethnic Beauty and Skincare. Group of Women with a Differen

Brand Ambassadorship | Promotion Models

Join the Winner's Circle

Compete to win and advance

Beauty | Fashion | Chorography Training

Team Work

Show off your talent & leadership skills

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  • Possess a strong passion for modeling, acting, or brand ambassadorship.

  • Have a unique look, a captivating personality, and excellent communication skills.

  • Are committed, hardworking, and always ready to learn and grow.

  • Can represent brands and products with confidence, elegance, and enthusiasm.

  • Are eager to make a lasting impact in the world of fashion, entertainment, marketing and Bitcoin.

Collage of Diverse Smiling Female Faces of Different Race and Age

Throughout this intense and transformative experience, our contestants will participate in a series of demanding tasks designed to test their knowledge, creativity, and resilience while the cameras are rolling. They will receive expert guidance from industry-leading professionals and engage in dynamic workshops aimed at enhancing their abilities as brand ambassadors, promotion models, and actresses.


As they navigate the high-stakes world of Bitcoin, the contestants will form unbreakable bonds, uncover their true potential, and emerge as empowered women ready to conquer the world of finance and entertainment. At the end of the grueling 14-day challenge, only one will be crowned the ultimate Bitcoin Brand Ambassador, securing a prestigious contract and the chance to inspire millions worldwide.

This all-female cast will consist of fashion models and promotional ambassadors who are eager to learn about Bitcoin and enthusiastically share their knowledge with others. Our comprehensive Bitcoin Bootcamp program is designed to equip you with all the tools necessary for success. Throughout the program, you'll gain a thorough understanding of Bitcoin, while also honing valuable skills such as modeling, public speaking, social media management, and event promotion.

Award Laurel Decoration Element. Laurel Wreath. First Place Award.

When you book our actors, models, creatives, and talents, you're not just adding characters to your project; you're enriching your production with a spectrum of unparalleled talent, creativity, and heart. Our diverse roster is trained to do more than perform—they inspire, bringing every scene to life with their unique charisma and artistry. Let them transform your vision into an extraordinary experience, where each performance is a journey of emotion and imagination. With our talented ensemble, your project will transcend mere viewing; it will resonate and leave a lasting imprint.

For bookings our contact information is below:

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